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Never Give Up On Your Dreams

Never Give up! Period! This has become a personal and family motto, and a sort of theme over our lives within the past few years. We have had plenty of times in marriage, business, and life itself where giving up seemed easier. We have all been tested. BUT each time, we kept going. A verse I would repeat often in my mind is Galatians 6:9: “Do not grow weary in doing what is right, for at just the right time, you will reap a harvest if you do not give up!” Powerful words to my heart and mind to persevere!

If you know me you know I most definitely believe there are times and seasons for everything, and knowing when to release something or let go is essential to your growth forward. Sometimes “quitting” something is actually the thing that propels you forward into your next season and ultimately into your destiny. It's more than necessary to quit in order to move on. I also don’t believe letting go of something or “quitting” the thing that is not working is really the true definition of giving up! Giving up by definition means “to cease making effort” or to resign oneself. Quit however, just means to let go, relinquish, or leave.

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In the case of my life and my dreams, quitting became inevitably the one thing I most needed to do in order to get to where I wanted to be. To let go of what was holding me back, the fear of failure, fear of others judgment, and a lot of questioning and self doubt about my dream and if it even mattered. I needed to quit hanging on to the things that boosted my ego, or things that felt most safe and secure- from my appearance of success and my potential in my bank account. My life's calling and my destiny were being held captive by these things, and yet I clung tightly in one hand while I tried reaching forward with the other. While I could beat myself up for this, I won’t because I don't do that anymore :) What I choose to see is that I kept trying. Though often in small increments or interrupted seasons, I kept starting over. Trying a new way, a new approach, and taking another step forward in any way I could. With time, I began to understand my calling more and more and the burn in my spirit to go after my dream became so strong it made me feel physically sick to turn back to the “comfort zone” of things I had been clinging to. Doors were practically slamming shut in places I was putting half hearted effort into. Rejection and nauseating fear didn't feel very good, but I now see this as God’s grace over me to help nudge me along the path of success.

Little by little my confidence grew, my education expanded, my vision imploded until my heart couldn't do anything but let go of what was holding me back. The old me would have wished that I had grabbed onto this sooner. That I hadn't let the obstacles and fear hold me back, and that I had more success in this new space a lot sooner. But guess what, that's not my story! I have learned to love every part of what my story holds and I have an inner knowing that each moment along the way, each little dance of one foot forward and two steps back, was shaping me and refining me to be the current version that's here, right now and in just the right time! I don't have time for regret! I have too much work to do and too many people to help. I will show myself authentically, with all the broken parts of my journey, plus all the right steps and victories that got me to this place. I can stand tall knowing that I kept showing up and will keep showing up. I will never be perfect, but will also never give up trying to be the best me and hopefully inspiring others to do the same. That is MY dream. The one put in my heart as a child and carried throughout my life. It's a dream that has made me tender and vulnerable, but it's also one I am proud of because it's uniquely mine. It has also made me strong and kind and loving, and given me a special place in this world with a special vision for seeing the very best in all people. Now, I can finally say I see the best in me too, just as I was designed, and can work on this beautiful dream of mine!

If you have a dream in your heart CHASE it!! (Thank you Cody Johnson for your song, I sing LOUD every time!) CHASE it so hard until it finally sticks. It's never too late to start and there is no limit on how many times you can try and fail and try again! Just take one more step forward, one more time. Listen to that voice of knowing. That one inside that you know is telling you exactly who you are and what you were made for and go after it one more time until you can't go anymore! THE WORLD NEEDS WHO YOU WERE MEANT TO BE and every gift that comes with that! You were made for this! Quit what you need to quit, but DO NOT GIVE UP doing what you need to do!

Always with love,

Keri :)


PS: I have some really cool tools that can help you out with journaling and keeping you on track.

Here is a link to a 100 Days of Believing Bigger: Devotional Journal that I utilize myself

and also a great Ruled Journal off Amazon that is a MUST HAVE!!!


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