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Order Your Space, Change Your Life!

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Have you ever sat overwhelmed by a messy closet or a laundry room flooded with piles of laundry? A household to do list that feels never ending, compiled with a mental to do list that is equally overwhelming? I absolutely have on more than one occasion and quite honestly, as recently as this past week. It's always enough to make me want to shut down completely and avoid it all! BUT, the reality is we cannot avoid it all. The more we try, the more it builds and the more it begins to affect every aspect of our life from our mood, our sleep, and even our joy.

This subject is so fresh on my mind as I have been working on transitioning careers, caring for my family, and managing weeks of travel, I couldn’t seem to pinpoint why I was feeling a bit anxious and overwhelmed. I am more than thrilled about all the changes and all the activities in my life. Upon entering my home, you will find it is very clean and orderly and aesthetically pleasing, at least to me. There are no major signs of disorganization or clutter. However, I noticed some of my key spaces like my closet, vanity, and office were a bit of a mess. All stemming from a recent move and an active life, I had let some of these spaces stay in a state of “ok” or mildly functional, just to get by. After a conversation with my daughter, and a real need to free up some time and mental energy, I realized this was what was holding me back, so I asked for some help. It has taken me some time and growth in this area through the years, but I now can see clearly when I'm in this negative pattern. Thankfully, I have developed some tricks to help me out and solutions to get me over the hump.

health coach, life coach, organization for success, organization help, virtual coaching, kitchen organization, closet organization,

I am a firm believer that order and organization deeply affects our mental health and overall well being. I find it super important to have a willingness to take a look at this area of life, as well as be open to adjustments and some small efforts that can change the course of how we operate, feel, produce, and thrive.

Here are the top 5 tips that helped transform my struggle with physical and mental clutter:

  1. Start with acknowledging that it's ok that you're here. You are human and you probably at some point took on too much at once. That's ok. We just have to take ownership and commit to doing what it takes to get out of it.

  2. Ask for help if needed. Let pride go. If you can afford professional help to come in and organize or clean something, make the investment. If money is an obstacle, ask a friend or family member to help you. Working together is always more fun!

  3. Set an environment that makes you feel good and energizes you. I always put on comfy clothes, light candles, turn on music that turns up my mood, and have my favorite drink made to sip on while I work. Find what makes you motivated and do that!

  4. Focus on one area at a time and do the easiest things first. For instance, if it's the laundry room, start by just sorting the laundry into appropriate piles and commit to staying on task until each one is done. While waiting for each load, maybe straighten up the drawers or neatly place the supplies in a way that feels orderly. When they finish, fold each load as it comes out. Never leave yourself big piles of clean laundry to fold at once.

  5. Give yourself the gift of completion. Take on the smallest task first so that you can complete and feel a “win” that will release a dopamine hit to propel you forward to want to complete another task. Every small completed task adds up and will begin to lift the overwhelm off of your mind and nervous system, thus creating a BIG ripple effect on the physical space you are organizing or cleaning.

Outer order contributes greatly to our inner calm. There is great order even in the foundations of the universe and when there is great order in the foundations of our life it will bring peace, creativity, and productivity. It is a vital piece of our life force and our life’s work to live in an orderly way. It is not limited to a certain personality type. It may be more natural for some, but is truly necessary for the health and well being of all. Be encouraged! There are so many good resources and places of inspiration for organization. Join forces with someone to help you and remember the simple focus of just doing one thing at a time. No matter how big the project, you WILL get there with consistent measurable steps forward!

Down below I have linked some of my favorite organizational products and some book inspo in hopes you will find yourself propelled into action so you may enjoy the fruits of beauty in your space, peace in your mind, and the feeling of groundedness in life that organization brings!

Always with love,

Keri :)


PS: Here are those links! Happy organizing!!!

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