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Flowing Through Disappointment

Updated: Apr 28, 2022

Mindful Meditation to help you FLOW through disappointment

Have you ever had a day that seemed nothing was going your way and disappointments

seemed to come from every direction? I know for me, I have had many of those days and

sometimes even months or entire seasons of life that were not all bad, but yet very

disappointing. I have experienced this both in my personal life and often even in my very

competitive industry of Real Estate. Despite all my efforts to manage outcomes or control

circumstances or give it my best, the world just unfolds as it is going to and it's not always in the

way I hoped for. I know I’m surely not the only one to feel this way? I’ll be honest, my natural

default and temptation is to react to disappointments with anger, sometimes tears, and usually

an over-analysis of what I could have done differently. While I think this is pretty normal, it

doesn't actually serve me well to respond this way nor does it change the outcome.

Thankfully, over time, I have acquired new tools for dealing with disappointment and they have

helped me so much that I can't help but want to leave them here with you. Here is one of them!

Mindful Meditation.

Mindfulness is “the mental state achieved by focusing one's awareness on

the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting one's feelings, thoughts and

bodily sensations' '. Meditation “is the practice of becoming consciously aware of your breath,

and focusing one's mind for a period of time”. When disappointed, we can stop and choose to

have a set amount of time to process how we feel and what we think, allowing ourselves to

experience that fully and without judgment. Once our time is up to process, we can then make

another choice to choose gratitude for the disappointment. Again, stop and either think or write

down what you are grateful for in the situation. Maybe it's a person you met or a lesson you

learned or any number of things that might be a positive from the disappointment. You can

decide to release the anger, or sadness or whatever feeling you are tempted to dwell on and

just accept that the situation is really neither good nor bad but rather just something that

happened.Just another piece of life that is unfolding just as it should. Releasing the feelings we

are tempted to stay stuck in and mindfully making the choice to see the good or the potential

good that could come from it, frees us to pick up and move on and be ready with open arms for

the good things that lie ahead. Often and ideally, I do this in a designated area for meditating.

A quiet comfortable place where I can be fully engaged and uninterrupted. A Place like this

could be a closet, spare room, or a corner of your bedroom. Wherever that is for you, it should

be set up in a way that you feel calm and comfortable. I like to sit on a block or blanket, light a

candle, sit upright with legs crossed and palms open resting on my knees. I close down my eyes

and begin with noticing my breath, then my thoughts, then scanning my body for how it feels. As

my thoughts come I let them, then return the focus to my breath. This can be done for 3 minutes

or 20 or as long as you like. There is no pressure to make it lengthy, even a few minutes will be

beneficial. Although this is my ideal way to meditate, it's not always an option when you need to

move through something. You can still practice these basic principles even in stressful traffic or

a busy day at the office, or in a tough situation with a friend or family member. The key is to be

fully aware of the present moment, your breath, your thoughts and your feelings. As you do this

and begin to reframe the situation with gratitude, a willingness to let go of what you hoped for

and an open heart to receiving what's coming next, you will not only change your mind about the

disappointment, but even your physical and emotional well being. Who doesn’t want all that?

I hope this was helpful tip for dealing with Disappointment. I cant wait to share all that I am learning with you again.

Always with Love.



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